Tutorial on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Big Data

(AIABD 2020)


Big Data has become a new source of opportunity in terms of applications in Artificial Intelligence. Unlike traditional data sources, Big Data applications present their own unique challenges in order to appropriately harness the utility of open source frameworks including Apache Hadoop and design patterns such as Map – Reduce. Through these advances, Big Data has become ubiquitous across all areas of research allowing for new applications that were not possible earlier.


The Tutorial on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Big Data (AIABD 2020) consists of a half-day tutorial to be held in conjunction with the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Industries ai4i 2020) on September 21 2020. The tutorial will specifically step each student though the installation, setup and implementation of the Apache Spark architecture on Amazon Web Services. The tutorial will also present a detailed examination of the Spark Distributed Processing platform with examples leveraging the Scala programming language. Machine Learning techniques will also be covered utilizing the ML library on the Scala/ Spark platform. Overall architecture design will also be explored as well as the future direction of the Big Data software suite. The workshop will consist of presentations of invited papers and peer-reviewed papers.


Workshop co-chairs: Dr. David Ostrowski , Dr. Sheida Malekpour

Tutorial Speakers

David A. Ostrowski, Artificial Intelligence Innovation Leader, Global Innovation, VCSE, PD Ford Motor