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AIK12 2022 (September 19, 2022)

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Beverly Woolf
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
How are you feeling? Facial Recognition and Other Challenges Using AI in K12 Education




Vielka Hoy

Bridge To College, USA

Critical Race Computational Thinking


Erin Walker

University of Pittsburgh, USA


Po Shen Loh

CMU, USA    

Learnings from Live-video Math Education


Brandie Wright 

Teachers College Columbia University, USA

Teaching about Artificial Intelligence through Hands-On Projects


Troy Prince

Wall St. Bound, Inc. USA

Wall St. Bound: Implications for K12 Curriculum


Bambi Brewer 


Tom Lauwers

BirdBrain Technologies, USA

Creative Projects Combining Robotics and AI


Lindsay Page

Brown University, USA

Let’s Chat: Chatbot Nudging for Improved Course Performance


Sarah Judd

AI4ALL Open Learning, USA

Teaching AI without Prereqs



Panel: Data Science Projects and K12 Students


Ken Kahn 


Empowering Students to Build Very Capable Machine Learning Apps in Snap!



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