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ICSC, being among the highest-ranked venues for Semantic Computing research, will start to consider resource papers from 2019. The ICSC2019 resource track is an appropriate venue to publish datasets, machine learning models, indexes, benchmarks, ontologies, libraries, APIs and tools that demand a high effort to be developed and can have a high impact on advancing the state of the art of semantic technologies.


The main requirements for resource papers are: (I) an objective but precise description of the resource; (II) an open license; and (III) a permanent link that makes the resource available to other users. Papers accepted for the resource track will be separately included in the conference proceedings.


Review Criteria



  • Is the resource publicly available through a DOI or permanent link (e.g.,,

  • Is the resource backed by an open-source license (e.g.,,



  • Is the resource relevant to the community?

  • Does the resource have a practical use?

  • Does the resource help to (re)evaluate approaches and/or perform research tasks?

  • Does the resource follow existing best practices (e.g., use a human- and machine-readable format in case of a dataset, reuse upper schemata in the case of an ontology)?

  • Can the resource be used to improve the state of the art?



  • Is the resource published with a reasonable documentation that provides an easy understanding on how to use the resource?

  • Is the resource easy to use?




Papers must be written in English whose length is between 4 and 8 pages, and follow the submission instructions and deadlines of the ICSC2019 conference. All papers should be submitted to submission link.

Track Chair: Edgard Marx, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Committee Members (tentative)
Ivan Ermilov, Universität Leipzig, Germany
Ali Khalili, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mohamed Morsey, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Diego Moussallem, Universität Leipzig, Germany
Mohamed Saleem, Universität Leipzig, Germany 
Saeedeh Shekarpour, University of Dayton, USA
Mohamed Sherif, Paderborn University, Germany 
Tommaso Soru, University of Leipzig, Germany
Amrapali Zaveri, Maastricht University, The Netherlands 

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