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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is concerned with computing technologies that allow humans to see, hear, talk, think, learn, and solve problems in new ways. The huge potential of AI applications in K12 represents an exciting future for teaching and learning that can be more personalized and effective. In addition, industry, researchers, students, teachers, and parents can be interconnected in a revolutionary way to stimulate a tremendous amount of interesting activities.

AI&K12 is an international forum that brings together classroom practitioners, university researchers, and industry professionals interested in bringing curriculum for artificial intelligence into the K-12 classroom. 

Above all we are looking for sessions and workshops that involve a variety of topics, skills, and curricula related to artificial intelligence. AI&K12 calls for papers from researchers (submitted following the guidelines of ai4i) and field presentations (only) from teachers. For the latter you are invited to submit a presentation proposal for consideration in the AIK12 track. If you are interested in submitting a presentation, please visit the Presentation Proposal Submission portal (TBA).


TOPICS OF INTEREST include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Personalized learning

  • AI tools for teachers without deep technical backgrounds

  • AI tools that can be used by students within the context of project-based learning

  • Options for first PBL-based AI curriculum

  • Planning of proposals for AI-based education research

  • Content and activity engineering for AI-based problem solving

  • Platforms that support collaborative education and problem-solving


Session abstracts must offer strong and relevant content and actionable takeaways to ensure that the targeted audience(s) benefit. All AI-related topics are welcome. The instructions on the online portal will guide you through the process. 

The registration rate is USD$100 (for paper authors) and USD$50 (for general attendees). The registration fee for presenters will be waived. 


Organizing Committee

Jim Bologna, Windward School, USA

Ganesh Mani, CMU, USA

Simon Huss, Windward School, USA

Laura McBain, Stanford d.School, USA

* Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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