The Ram School is established to honor Professor C.V. Ramamoorthy of U.C. Berkeley who devoted his whole life promoting cross cultural education and innovation.


The Ram School believes that collaborations across the cultural "borders" (between countries, races, languages, ages, professions, tiers, disciplines, religions, etc.) can facilitate new innovations, and making learning easier can "open" the borders.


Learning a different culture has never been easy because most beginners do not know where the “ends” are. Traditional learning methodologies have appeared to be endless, discouraging, and therefore lack of efficiency. The Ram School introduces a new top down, layered approach to learning, providing a scientific way to achieving the highest confidence with the least amount of time and effort. With a unique curriculum, the Ram School aims to foster everyone with a global vision and a wide spectrum of knowledge needed for creative problem solving and innovation that cannot be easily obtained with the current education system.

The Ram School aims to help everyone to succeed - from elementary school to secondary school, and from secondary school to college - and, in the end, to become a world leader who can help many more people in the future.