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Third Annual IEEE Tutorial and Workshop on Semantic Blockchain


Part of IEEE ICSC 2023

To date, the reality of the Semantic web as envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee has not yet been realized. Linked Data has been proposed as a pragmatic alternative which has not yet come to fruition. In our day of digital currency, the underlying technology of Blockchain could in effect present a suitable architecture to support a workable solution.  As Blockchain technology finds itself in increasingly new applications in industry well beyond the use of cryptocurrency, it has demonstrated increasing potential for the means of interconnecting data and meaning, thus allowing for reasoning.


This workshop presents a tutorial that explains the basics of Blockchain technology including some very brief hands-on programming examples for the experienced programmer who is interested in learning the basics of Blockchain but has no prior knowledge. Live code examples will include demonstration of bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains including implementation of a smart contract for use in the Ethereum framework. The theoretical principles of Blockchain are also discussed in which it Is related to issues of semantics as well as a review of the means of how a futuristic Internet may be powered by Blockchain networks allowing for a realization of the promises of web 2.0.

Tutorial Speakers

David A. Ostrowski, Northwestern Univderisty

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