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Human and Machine (HM) 2020

TransAI/HCCAI joint workshop for experiential understanding

Social awareness, trust, and empathetic response in robotics platforms are key to their successful use by humans. This workshop is developed to provide examples for AI practitioners to examine a human-human behavior model toward human-robot model in order to gain a more profound sense of the human experience, understanding, and intent into how a robot can move and communicate.

Motivation or background:

The motivation for thisworkshop is to engage transdisciplinary practitioners to interact with movement and voice challenges based in a human-human research method model and ultimately (re)contextualized to a human-robot model. The movement and voice for this workshop is based on collaborative research theatre concepts of abstract and realistic sound, movement and physicality, and in-depth emotional behavior for transdisciplinary experiential understanding in AI, Performance, and Humanities collaborations. The purpose for introducing human expressivity via theatre methodologies into a human-machine workshop is to examine complex human emotion so we may in the future interact with social robots that reflect the complexity of our human expression back to us.


The workshop is interactive and open to papers and panels on Transdisciplinary, Performance, and Humanities AI topics:

  • grid work

  • abstract sound and movement

  • proximity work

  • voice

  • movement

  • mise en scène

  • shape

  • rhythm

  • resting points

  • empathy

  • performance style or technique

  • frailty


Target Audience: The workshop is highly interactive yet developed for a non-performer. It should appeal to a broad base of Transdisciplinary AI members who are curious to learn kinesthetic and aural expressivity in order to apply their findings to a human-robot model.


Main organizer: Dr. Julienne A. Greer,

Dr. Julienne A. Greer is the Director of the Emotional Robotics Living Lab (University of Texas at Arlington) and an Assistant Professor of Theatre; Social Robotics and Performance.

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